Welcome to 2A

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Hello and welcome to 2A's website. Throughout the year this site will be updated with photos of activities we will be doing in the classroom. I will also be putting spelling words on this site the Friday before we have a test over them. If students get a 100% on Monday's pretest they only have to take the bonus words on Friday!!!!

Reading Logs


Throughout the school year each child is required to turn in a Reading Log every Monday. They are required to read 10 minutes for 5 nights or a total of 50 minutes each week. A new Reading Log will be sent home each Monday. If you can not find the Log that was sent home, you may use any sheet of paper.

Correction Papers


Assignments that may be returned for a better grade will be included in the Friday Folder. These papers will have "Correct" written on the left corner. They will not be stapled with the packet. Correction have to be returned on Monday to receive credit. The two grades will be averaged.