Classroom News

This month we are continuing with learning letters and sounds.  Our list of words are growing weekly.  The first quarter ends on October 14.  We will be testing letters, sounds, and words that week.  Extra practice at home will help your child be successful with the testing.

In math, we have completed the numbers 6-10 and are moving quickly ahead with numbers 11-20.  Starting the first week of October, we will be practicing writing them.  More practice at home will be helpful as some of the children need the extra help.

In religion, we will be learning about our Guardian Angels and learning about different saints as we prepare for the feast day of All Saints Day.  We will start going to Mass on a regular basis this month.  A note will be sent home letting you know the exact date.

Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held this month.  Watch for notes coming home concerning that.  Enjoy the beautiful days of fall!