Physical Education and moderate daily activity can enhance brain function.  It has also been shown to improve energy levels, self-esteem and better behavior.  And if that isn't enough, physical education and daily activity have been linked to improved academic performance.

From Dr. Debby Mitchell

University of Central Florida

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The school mission statement begins with the phrase, "to educate the whole student--body, mind, and spirit."  With that it mind, it is my goal to bring the joy of play and fitness to each child.  The goals of our physical education program are listed below.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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Physical Education K-2 Content

The list of skills we will cover are listed below.  We will do the best we can to cover all skills.

Motor Skills-Walking, Skipping, Running, Galloping, Sliding, Chasing, Fleeing.  Also throwing and cathcing.

Learning Concepts-Understanding of terms over, under, beside, between, in, out, above, below front and back.  Identify some body parts. (Head, knee, shoulder, etc.)

Active Participation-Engage in moderate to vigorous activities in class.  Participate in games and activities that use manipulatives. (Balls, Hoops, Beanbags, etc.)

Physical Fitness-Participates in games that increase breathing and heart rate.  Demonstrate sufficient muscular strength to support body weight in various activities.

Personal and Social Behavior-Follow instructions in games and activities.  Demonstrate self-discipline and resolve conflicts with others. Respect other students.  Respect Equipment.

Activity Appreciation-Develops positive attitudes towards physical activity and fitness.  Understanding the importance of participating with others.

Physical Education 3-6 Content

The list of skills we will cover are listed below.  Again, We will do our best to cover all skills.

Motor Skills-Uses a mature form of throw, catch, kick, volley, dribble with hands and feet.  Jump rope routines.  Transfers and supports body weight on upper body.

Learning Concepts-Demonstrates knowledge of key elements related to throw, kick, catch, volley, dribble with hands and feet.  Can identify benefits of participation in activities.

Active Participation-Participates willingly in class.  Identifies one activity for participation outside of school.

Physical Fitness-Understands the importance of being physically active.  Monitors heart rate.  Meets specific health related fitness standard.

Personal and Social Behavior-Cooperates with all class members by sharing and taking turns.  Accepts teachers decisions without negative reactions.  Assesses and takes responsibility for behavior choices.  Recognizes and appreciates difference in skill ability of peers.

Activity Appreciation-Identifies positive feelings associated with physical activity.  Recognizes the impact of physical activity on health.  Recognizes the impact of practice on skill improvement.


Students are expected to fully participate.  PE participation includes: attitude, effort, cooperation, teamwork, behavior, understanding of critical points, and appropriate footwear. (Having tennis shoes on PE days.)

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Physical Fitness Testing

Fitness testing is an important part of a student's physical education class.  It allows for the student to set goals for his/her own fitness.  It also allows the student to experience health related fitness.

St. Mary's Fitness Challenge uses five assessments for health related testing.  They are shuttle run, push-ups, curl-ups, sit and reach, and PACER run.  All or them give a unique challenge in testing of the individual student.

Students in the third-sixth grade are tested twice a year.  The first, in the fall semester, is used to set goals for the the students.  A follow-up test is given in the spring semester.  If a student passes all five of the assessments in either the fall or spring he/she will receive the Gold Fitness Award.  A student that passes three of the five test will earn the Silver Fitness Award.