Classroom Rules & Behavior Plan

GO for Good Behavior!

Behavior Plan

We will be using the color system in classroom 2C. Each student will begin every day with their stick in the "green" can. If unacceptable behavior occurs in our room or in another part of the building, the student will be given a verbal warning. If unacceptable behavior occurs again, then the student will move their stick into the "yellow" can. The student will have to miss 5 minutes of recess by walking the perimeter of the playground area as a consequence. If the student misbehaves for a 3rd time in the same day, their stick gets moved again to the "red" can. This means the student will miss 5 minutes of recess and take a note home to the parents to be signed and returned. Each day students will start over with their stick in the "green" can.

For good behavior, students can earn "tickets" to use on alternate Fridays to trade for coupns redeemable in the classroom. The coupons will be for special priveledges at school! At the end of each day if the students did not move their stick at all, they receive a ticket. They will receive tickets for other positive behaviors each day as well!
1. Be a good listener.

2. Use 6 inch voices in the classroom.

3. Respect classmates and their property.

4. Be nice to each other.

5. Follow directions.