Reading Program


Try to read from several different genres throughout the year such as fiction, non-fiction (history or places), fairy or folk tales, poetry or biographies.

Worm your way into a good book!

Weekly Reading Log

Reading logs are due every Monday.

3rd graders are required to read 60 minutes a week.


 You may choose to log your minutes by doing the following:

  • reading alone
  • reading to a parent
  • reading to a sibling
  • shared reading with parent
  • listening to a parent or other adult read when necessary


This will be part of your reading grade!

St. Scholastica

The St. Scholastica Reading Program begins in 3rd grade. All books read throughout the year should be recorded on the KU reading log sheet that will travel back and forth in the "Homework Folder" every Monday and Wednesday for your convenience and for your parents to help monitor.

  You have the opportunity to receive an award at the end of the school year for your participation in this program. If you read a total of 25 or more books throughout the year you will earn a gold "seal" on your KU Reading certificate. If you read at least 12 books you will receive a silver seal.  If you participate in this program every year in grades 3rd through 6th you will receive a special award at the end of your 6th grade year.