Monday's Homework

Assigned homework for Monday will be spelling. A new list for the week is given each Monday and homework will consist of writing the words in sentences and a practice skills page.


Wednesday's Homework

Assigned homework for Wednesday will be a math page to help reinforce the skills currently being practiced in the classroom.


Homework is Helpful!

Students are required to take home any work they do not get finished in class each day, so they may have homework on any given day. Mondays and Wednesdays are the only days assigned homework is given.

I feel that homework is necessary in third grade for several reasons. It is important in helping students develop responsibility. It helps in preparation for the upper grades where homework is a little more plentiful! I hope it can be a time where parents can spend quality time with their child in helping them if they need it and in familiarizing themselves with what we are learning in school. Hopefully it can be a time where students can learn how to develop good study habits.

The homework assigned should not take more than about 20 minutes to complete. Please be sure to sign your child's "Weekly Homework Assignment Sheet" after you have looked over his/her work and sign your name or initials. It's worth an extra scholar dollar to them!