Class Information

Class Information


Each day the student will be responsible for documenting homework for each class in their agenda.  If there is no homework the student will write “No Homework” or “NH”.  I am requesting parents/guardians initial their child’s agenda each day.  This is requested so that all involved know what homework is to be completed that evening or if there are any upcoming projects.


In 5th grade students are allowed to bring a healthy snack to eat during Religion class at 8am or immediately following Mass.  The snack needs to fit in a snack sized Ziploc bag.  Some healthy ideas are pretzels, granola bars, carrot sticks, grapes, nuts, etc..


Students may bring treats to share with their homeroom class on or near their birthday.  However, because of our schedule, treats may need to be shared in the morning or afternoon depending on their schedule for that day.  A quick email from a parent or just a word from the student to the homeroom teacher is all that is needed.

Homework Policy

Homework assignments (including corrections) are due the day after they're assigned, unless an alternate date is given to the class.

  • 1 Day Late  - 10% off.  "demerit" if not turned in
  • 2 Days Late - 20% off.  "demerit" if not turned in
  • 3 Days Late - 30% off.   "demerit+Think About It slip" if not turned in

Make Up Work- Absences: An illness, injury, absence, or other unexpected circumstance that would prevent the student from completing an assignment on time will be reason for an extension on due dates.

Students are given one extra day to turn in work for each day gone. If a student received their homework prior to being gone, it is due when they return. 

Students are responsible for making sure all work from any absence is caught up. 

Extended absences may be handled differently.



Corrections: Students scoring a 77% (D+) may be privileged with the opportunity to correct for points back.  Half credit will be earned for each item that is corrected correctly.  For example, a 70% (D-) would raise to an 85% (C+) if all missed problems are corrected correctly!

  • Those papers are marked with "Re-Do" or “Correct”
  • Turning it back in is up to the student!
  • Tests & Projects are not correctable
  • Science Composition Notebook is not correctable
  • Tests may not be retaken