Check out these websites that go along with what we study in social studies class!

5th Grade Links

Mr. Nussbaum - 5th Grade Social Studies

Native Americans 
Native American Facts for Kids    
Mesa Verde National Park 
How many ways you can use a buffalo 
Explorers of North & Central America 
Mission US - Interactive Games
Colonial Williamsburg 
Jamestown Online Adventure 
George Washington 
Liberty Kids 
Road to the Revolution Game 
Shot Heard 'Round the World - Online Movie 
Ben's Guide to Government for Kids 
The Constitution Game 
Congress for Kids

The Preamble - (without lyrics)

6th Grade Links
Otzi the Iceman
Catal Huyuk 
Mesopotamia for Kids 
Virtual Tour - The Pyramids
Ancient Egypt - The British Museum     
Ancient Egypt for Kids       
Egypt for Kids 
Cartouche Maker 
The Mummy Maker 
Indus Valley Mission 
Ancient China for Kids 
Terracotta Warriors
Learn to play Mahjongg 
Ancient Greece 
Greek Mythology 
Tour Rome
Ancient Rome 
Roman Mosaics 
European Middle Ages

General Social Studies Links

Discovery Education - Virtual Field Trips
Geography Bee Daily Challenge
National Geographic Kids
History for Kids - Fun Facts
Geography for Kids
History for Kids
Continents & Oceans - Interactive Game
Social Studies for Kids

One of my favorite websites

Mr. Donn's Social Studies

Websites to use for 5th Grade explorer project