Reading Log

Reading Logs: Reminder that reading logs are due every Monday and they must read a minimum of 75 minutes. This does count as a reading grade. Please make sure you sign the reading log to verify that your student has read. Also the students must read one book from the following list of genres during the assigned month:
Nov.--- Fairy & Folk Tales
Dec.---Geography/History (900's)
Feb.---Science Fiction
Mar.---Historical Fiction

Once a week, try to have your student read aloud to you, even if it is just an article in the newspaper or part of one of their textbooks. You will be surprised at how much this helps their confidence inside the classroom to volunteer to read in front of their peers or to give them the extra boost to want to read at Mass!


Spelling tests are every Wednesday. The spelling packets are due Wednesdays too, however, if the student shows me their completed spelling packet on the Monday morning before the due date, they will receive 5 extra credit points.Perfect Score.png