4th Grade Band

4th Grade Band

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 Welcome to 4th Grade Band Team!


Instrumental Checklist:

Flute needs:  __cleaning rag  or "banana" __cleaning rod  

Clarinet needs: __at least 3 good reeds (Mitchel Lurie #2,  VanDoren #2 or Rico Royal #2) 

        __ cleaning swab or “banana                __cork grease

Saxophone needs: __at least 3 good reeds (Rico Royal #2, LaVoz medium, Hemke #2 or

VanDoren #2)

        __cleaning swab or “banana”  

      __cork grease

Trumpet/Baritone needs: __slide oil

        __valve oil

        __slides must slide  

      __trumpets must have third valve slide ring that slides

Trombone needs:   __slide oil

French Horn needs:   __rotary valve oil

Bells/Drum set:       __it comes with all you need!


 *** All students must have the Band Book:  Essential Elements

 *** All students must have a "slicker" folder to keep music in.

 Students Name needs to be on their: __instrument case

  __ Band Book

          __ slicker folder  

 Band Contracts need to be read, signed and returned.

 At Home Practice Schedule:  Students are asked to practice 10-15 minutes daily

Here are a few guidelines set up for the new Band Team:

  • Take an avid interest in your daughter’s/son’s new hobby!
  • Be Positive
  • Expect good progress and it is likely to happen!
  • Provide the right environment for practice times ie. a quiet and well-lit room.
  • Establish a regular routine of daily practice; we are working on development of facial and body muscles (including the diaphragm) along with self-discipline.
  • Establish clear priorities.  Music is a discipline and promotes growth and self-esteem.
  • Be available to listen to your child’s music and progress!
  • Show enthusiasm, encouragement and support! 
  • Band accessories can be purchased through Midwest Music (210 S. Sante Fe, 825-6296).  Please, please, please do not use any tool (ie. pliers, screwdrivers, etc) to fix a problem with an instrument.  This can cause quite a bit of damage.  Instead, let me take a look at it first.  If I can’t fix it I’ll ask you to take it to Midwest Music to be cared for and repaired.  Also, we use only instrumental accessories with the instruments.  DO NOT use Chap Stick or Vaseline for whatever purposes!

 Grades are determined by:  POINT SYSTEM

  Each Band class offers a possibility of earning 10 points:    

  Musical effort: 4 points

  Remembering instrument and music: 3 points

  Classroom behavior and attitude: 3 points

  Each weekoffers a possibility of earning 5 points by turning in a Parental signed ½ sheet

  Each quarter offers a possibility of earning 5 points for completed amount of objectives

  Ask your student about: 

  •  __ Band Contracts  
  •  __ Individual Objectives
  •  __ weekly ½ sheets for practice record
  •  __ what days they have Band

Continue to ask your child to share with you their progress!