5th Grade Band

5th Grade Band

5th Grade Band Team

Our 5th Grade Band Team is off to a great start!  We have awesome musicians to work with and a love for learning!  Woo Hoo!      

 The 5th Graders have Band on Tuesdays, and Thursdays.  On Fridays we alternate Band with the 6th Graders.  5th Grade Band Members have Band on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.

5th BAND GRADES are determined using the following criteria:


    Each Band Class offers a possibility of earning 10 points:

Remembering instrument & music: 3 points

Musical effort: 4 points

Classroom behavior and attitude: 3 points

Each week offers a possibility of earning 5 points by turning in a parental signed practice record

  (80-90 minutes a week is recommended).  We will use the practice record that is stapled to the inside cover of their Band Book.  They will turn in their books every Tuesday so I can see them.  A sample practice record will look like this:

 My child has practiced his/her instrument this week a reasonable amount of time.

    Parental Signature 

 week of August 23 __________________________

  week of August 30   __________________________

 week of September 6   __________________________

   Each quarter we will have a playing test.  This will be worth 10 points

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  All 5th Grade Team must have their Band Book (Essential Elements 2000).  They also need a "Slicker" folder to keep sheet music in.  Just to throw in a tidbit of information: music stands make wonderful Christmas or Birthday gifts!


Instrumental Checklist:


percussion needs:  --bells & stand  --mallets for bells  --drum pad & stand  --drum sticks

flute needs:  --cleaning rag or "banana"         --cleaning rod

clarinet needs:  --at least 3 good reeds: Mitchel Lurie #2 1/2 or Van Doren #2 1/2  --cleaning swab  --cork grease  --plastic reed holder

trumpet/baritone needs:  --slide oil  --valve oil  --slides must slide  --cleaning rod for valves  --soft cotton cloth --a cleaning snake  --mouthpiece brush

french horn needs:  --rotary valve oil  --cleaning snake  --mouthpiece brush

saxophone needs:  --at least 3 good reeds:  Hemke #2 1/2, Rico Royal #2 1/2, LaVoz medium, or Van Doren #2 1/2  -- neck cleaner  --cleaning swab or "banana"  --cork grease  --plastic reed holder  --neck strap for instrument

trombone needs:  --slide oil  --cleaning brush/snake  --mouthpiece brush  --soft cotton cloth


Instrumental needs can be purchased through Midwest Music (Edgington’s) downtown (210 S. Sante Fe;  825-6296).

 Be sure to take an active interest in your child’s love for music.  When you are involved it gives validity to their musical hobby and boosts self-esteem.  Together we can help them achieve success!!!  

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