Art Home

The Art Department is very pleased with the faith based art curriculum called the Christian Heritage Art Program. This curriculum has been used first semester in all grades and will continue intop the Spring semester. The series is from grades K-6th grade. The context of the series is a DVD for each grade level with 6 lessons on each. On each DVD the Author gives a brief introduction of the time period, Art History, Church history (incorporating biblical events and people) and a project to be done in class.

The time periods include Prehistoric, Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance, 1500's and Modern era. My hope is that the children get an appreciation of how art came to be and the beauty of this world all created through Gods hands.



"Everything that is really good and beautiful, of inward moral, spiritual and sublime beauty in human beings and in their works comes from God" -Van Gogh


Home and School and the Art Department will be working on a fundraiser in the spring. The company we will be working with is the Original Works of Art Company. Your child will create a piece of artwork during class time. We will send home with your child a brochure, order form and their one of a kind picture. Parents then have an option of ordering products with the artwork on it. Items are too many to mention, but some include, large magnets, T-shirts, towels, mouse pads and many more. Thank you for supporting the arts at St.Mary's -Mrs. DeMars

Art Questions To Ask.....

This month when your child is home try asking him/her a question or questions about art......
*Ask what time period did this art style exist
*Ask them what element of art they have used this so far in there work (Line, Color, Shape, Texture, Hue, Form, Shade, etc)
* Ask them who the Impressionist were and what made there work so different and hard to accept at the time.
* Ask them about the different types of lines used in design.
* Ask them about different types of shapes used in design.
* Ask them about Color..... What are the primary colors?
* What are the secondary colors?
* What is a complementary color scheme?
* What is an analogous color scheme?
* What two colors mixed make purple?
* What two colors mixed make orange?
Careers in Art

We may talk about the many careers in Art. If you look all around you at the many things that are created or designed by people, homes, clothing, cars, etc. These items were all designed by artists in various art careers. For example Architects design buildings and the home you live in was designed by an architect. The clothing you wear was designed by a fashion designer. The car you ride in was designed and created by an artist. There are so many ways that art impacts our daily lives, all you have to do is look around you! Isn't Art Amazing!
God is also a pretty amazing artist. Just look at the trees, flowers, and all of his wondeful creations. Even look in the mirror at yourself and what a wonderful creation you are too!
About our classroom
My goal this year is to convey my enthusiasm for art and bring out the talents and gifts your child has been given. I strongly feel that creating original artwork is a great outlet and tool for children to use to build confidence in themselves. The Arts have been proven to enrich other aspects of learning such as reading, math, vocabulary and history. I want to provide opportunities for all students to be involved in a study of the arts as part of their general education.

I Have three classroom rules:
If your child breaks one of these they will be given three verbal warnings. After that, we will discuss, in private, any possible consequences.

Your child’s grade will not be based on his artistic talent. All grades will be based on
1) participation 2) effort 3)completing assignments.

Some areas of learning will be critical thinking skills, aesthetics well as the elements of design. Our classroom materials will be of all types of media. I will put a strong emphasis on Art history in all grade levels through the use of slides, prints, books and videos.

I Hope this will give you a good idea of where my expectations for art are this year. I’m looking forward to a exciting and interesting school year.

Sincerely, Mrs. DeMars